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About Us...

Welcome to our new website The Audio Auction!  Even though our website is relatively new we have been in the Pro Audio business for 33 years. As engineers, producers, recording studio and pro audio sound reinforcement company owners, we know Pro Audio and Pro Audio equipment and can help you sell it.

Our staff has vast audio experience in any size event. Our parent company Franklin Simon Productions has supplied audio services in many capacities. As record producers for Top 40 records and as an audio production service provider, we consult, design, produce and supply concert sound systems, including remote recording equipment and audio engineers for concerts like “Live 8" and "Woodstock 98"  to small corporate events like political fund raisers for U.S. Presidents.

The Audio Auction liquidates equipment and represents some of the largest and most respected sound reinforcement companies in the world. If you’re in need of something you don't see on our website, just give us a call and we will try and help you find it!

We created The Audio Auction because of the lack of high end Pro Audio equipment that you normally cannot find on Ebay and we felt a need for a website for just Pro Audio Professionals so that our fellow engineers and company owners won't have to pay high listing and reserve fees week to week on Ebay and or employ an Equipment Broker!

Here you can find out where the listed equipment is and who is selling it, no Brokers to get in the middle and no weekly fees to list your gear!

Most sound companies have lots of equipment not being utilized, these same companies need a website like ours that offer a Free! venue to list their equipment for sale and or auction for no charge. Professional audio equipment rarely appreciates, if that same equipment is not being utilized in your inventory it is depreciating quickly.  Unlock the equity in that equipment you know is valuable and list it for Free on our website, all you have to do is list it and watch your equity turn into cash!

Happy Bidding, Browsing and Selling!


Franklin Simon

The Audio Auction!



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